129D Duncan Bradley & Nick Hamilton



Duncan Bradley


Truck Details

NameMad Cow
Year Built2013
EngineChevrolet LS3 6.2L
TransmissionToyota Windom A540e
DiffsNissan Patrol 9″ Front and Rear
LockersTomalin Hydraulic Lockers
SuspensionFox Shocks, 4-Link Front, 4 Link Rear
Wheels35x12xR15 Anchee Grandtrac MT1 on 15×12″ OMF Alloys


Previous DriversAccolades
Duncan Bradley (2023-)First season in new truck
Rowan Huckstep (2013-2022)Multiple wins, Top 10 (2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022)
Hendrik Hofstee (2021)Same as above! Navigator for Rowan and drove the truck for a single season.

MAD COW. Longtime CowperTruck of Rowan Huckstep from Mt Egmont. This particular vehicle has been a Top 10 regular ever since it was built 10 years ago! Multiple wins and strong performances along the way have been courtesy of the teamwork between Rowan & Hendrik.

Duncan Bradley & Noah Servinsen made their debut on the opposite sides of the truck, with Noah driving the C Class Tumbleweed Buggy back in 2019. It was short lived, with the motor blowing up not long into the season. Duncan Bradley later joined the passenger seat with Aaron Sherwood in 2021/2022 in the Pirates of the Coromandel 350 Chev D Class Truck.

At Round 5 of that season the Sherwood truck DNF’d after a nasty roll just before midday. With Hendrik Hofstee having to pull out at lunchtime, Rowan was in search of a navigator and Duncan promptly jumped in! Later going on to purchase the CowperTruck for the following season.

Bradley is joined by former 2NZ navigator Nick Hamilton for 2024!