The NZ 4×4 Trials challenges Competitors to drive their vehicles over difficult terrain, including hill climbs, mud bogs, up steep hills, over rocks, along banks and at speed.

Over 40+ teams in a variety of vehicle classes, from standard Production to Super Modified vehicles all drive over the same 30 unique sections.

Open to the public and spectator friendly, the NZ National 4×4 Trials Series comprises of one-day events hosted by NZFWDA affiliated Clubs around the country. Each Season thousands of spectators, team supporters and competitors attend the Events – held between Labour Weekend and Easter Weekend. 

Each event has an Overall winner and Class winner for the day. These points go to make up the Overall and Class winners for the different Zones and National placings at the end of the season.

Management of the rules is undertaken by the Competition Committee on behalf of the NZFWDA. To be eligible to enter the Series you must be a member of an affiliated 4×4 Club of the New Zealand Four Wheel Drive Association. Both Driver and Co-Driver are required to hold a current drivers licence and competition licence.

The Course

The course is made up of a minimum of 28 short obstacles – Blue Pegs mark the start and end points of the obstacle, and the boundaries of the obstacle are indicated by Red Pegs (on the right) and Yellow Pegs (on the left).

The driver and co-driver attempt to negotiate their vehicle through each obstacle as far as they can. 

The start pegs are worth 100 penalty points. The centre of the leading wheel hub must pass the graded pegs to get less penalty points, or it goes back to the one prior. Vehicles must not flatten, straddle pegs or run over boundary pegs if on a graded obstacle, However, if on a non-graded obstacle, they may do so but each peg squashed shall be worth 20 penalty points. Getting through the end blue pegs gives Zero penalty points. The winner on the day is the Team with the lowest score.

Results for the current season will become available as the Event Rounds take place. Check out last Season’s winners.

The 4×4 Competitions Committee

Established in 1996 for running the NZ 4×4 Trials Series on the behalf of the NZFWDA, the Competitions Committee work with 4×4 Clubs and Organisations to ensure all Rounds of the NZ 4×4 Trials are held to a high standard and that safety is a priority. The main focus of the Committee is to manage the upholding of the rules, grow the sport and keep competitors and spectators informed and up to date with information. Contact the Committee.

The New Zealand Four Wheel Drive Association

Established in 1974 the NZFWDA represents over 2100 members, 4WD supporters and 60+ Clubs throughout New Zealand.

The Organisation:
– Values the highest safety standards before, during and after all 4WD activities.
– Endorses respect and care while participating in 4WD activities in the environment.
– Acknowledges the contribution of its members and their values.
– Values and respects land owners and land users.
– Encourages non- discrimination of all participants

The NZFWDA is administered by a group of volunteers, through a National Executive Council, Competition Committee and also three Regional Zone Committees;
Northern Zone – North Cape to Taupo;
Central Zone – Taupo to Wellington; and
Southern Zone – the entire South Island.

Visit the NZFWDA website