Below are some helpful resources of how competitors keep themselves and others safe throughout competition .


Vehicle Fluid Retention


The video above is a great resource on how to run vehicle breathers for containment of flammable fluids in the event of a roller over. Scrutineers will inspect competitors breathers at scrutineering. If Stewards notice excessive fluids leaking from a competitors vehicle in the event of a roll over, it will be noted and checked for remedial at the next scrutineering.


Fire Resistant Clothing

It is strongly recommended that competitors wear fire resistant garments when competing. Here’s some links below of suitable examples that can be purchased. 


FR Rated Clothing

Flame Resistant Clothing/Workwear can be used as long as they are made from materials with flame resistant properties, e.g. Nomex, Carbon X, Proban, ProTek, Pyrovatex or Aramid fibres.



Underwear made to SFI 3.3/5 or FIA 8856-2018 are acceptable forms of Fire Resistant Clothing. Only tops & bottoms are required, however the usage of socks and gloves to the same standards are recommended.


Race Suits

Race Suits are another accepted option, double layered race suits to SFI 3.2/5 or FIA 8856-2018 are the minimum requirement.