Current 3NZ: Neal Turner & Wade Alexander

Hijinx II


Neal Turner
Wade Alexander


Donovan Trade Supplies, Clements Contractors, NT Engineering

Truck Details

NameHijinx II (Killer Bee II, The Flying Dutchman)
Year Built2013
EngineChevrolet LS2 6.0L
TransmissionToyota Windom A540e
DiffsNissan Patrol 9″ Front and Rear
LockersHowat Hydraulic Lockers
SuspensionFox Shocks, 3-Link Front, 4 Link Rear
Wheels35×13.50-17 Mickey Thompsen Baja Pro XS on 17″ Alloys

Truck History

Previous DriversAccolades
Neal Turner (2022-)Top 10 (2022) 3NZ (2023)
Greg McDell (2019-2021) 1NZ 2020
Ray Rasing (2013-2017)

Hijinx II has been around for a while but still in its prime years. Originally driven by the late Ray Rasing, the McDell brothers would move up into the CowperTruck after some modifications and took out the title in their first attempt, despite not scoring a win! The truck was then sold to Neal Turner for the 2022 season who scored a Top 10 placing in 2022 before claiming third in 2023.

Greg McDell & Chris McDell in their title winning year
Team Hijinx on their way to win their first National Trial

Neal Turner originally competed during the mid 90’s-mid 00’s with a Suzuki Special called Hijinx. On his return to the sport in 2020 their CowperTruck took over the mantle by carrying the Hijinx name.