Event Results from the 2020-2021 Season

Round 1: South Waikato

December 5th 2020

1st: Greg McDell, 2nd: Hamish Auret, 3rd: Scott Biggs

Round 2: Thames Valley

January 23rd 2021

1st: Neville Mather, 2nd: Greg McDell, 3rd Shayne Towers

Round 3: Mt Egmont

February 27th 2021

1st: Jarred Biggs, 2nd: Russell Luders, 3rd: Reuben Mason

Round 4: Manawatu

March 14th 2021

1st: Scott Biggs, 2nd: Jarred Biggs, 3rd: Stuart Earle

Round 5: Bay of Plenty

April 10th 2021

1st: Scott Biggs, 2nd: Greg McDell, 3rd: Phil Walton

Round 6: Hawkes Bay

April 24th 2021

1st: Scott Biggs, 2nd: Derek Smyth, 3rd: Philip Walton